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Emre is a programmer/drummer, producer, writer and mixing engineer who collaborated with many great names in music.
English composer and producer
Peter Duggal is a musician and producer, currently the musical partner of Wolfgang Flur (ex-Kraftwerk) producing tracks for the forthcoming 'Collaborations' album.
Simon Duggal is one half of the well know UK production duo Simon and Diamond.
Alberto Rizzo Schettino is a pianist, synth geek and sound engineer. Since 2007 he's also one of the masterminds behind Fuseroom Recording Studio, one of the most up-and-coming studios in Berlin, Germany.
Awarded Czech producer, composer and solo artist.
Colin Edwin is best known as a founder member and bassist of the long-running internationally successful progressive rock band Porcupine Tree.
Dan Veall is best known for his extensive catalogue of high-quality bass guitar gear video reviews, having recorded over 350 videos for a major magazine, Guitar Interactive with accompanying column content each month.
Swiss recording engineer, specialized in the production of acoustic music, especially jazz and film music.
(not just) Audio-books recording specialist
Geoff Tyson is a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist with major label album releases, movie soundtracks, video game, and TV commercial compositions to his credit.
A renowned record producer with over 30 years experience.
A multi-award-winning producer and remixer.
Halina Rice is an electronic music producer, remixer and live AV artist with a reputation for original and eclectic sounds and a strong emphasis on sampling.
Musician, Composer, Music Director, Sound Engineer, Sound Designer and Producer.
Mark Wingfield is a guitarist and composer based in the UK. Most of his output is rooted in jazz, but he is also active in contemporary classical music. Mark has a parallel career as an award-winning mixing and mastering engineer.
Mix Engineer, Assistant to Dave Pensado
Patrik Schwitter is one of the well known and highly experienced recording, mixing and mastering veterans in Switzerland.
Grammy-Winning Mixer Reuven Amiel is one eclectic and versatile Mixing Engineer/ Producer/Sound Designer.
Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Musician
Recording artist, actor and producer widely known for his appearance as a finalist on NBC's The Voice.
Russian musician, artist, producer
Audio and computer engineer, producer, DJ from Sweden
Songwriter, guitarist and vocalist
Jimmy Deer is an American producer/artist/composer and DJ
Sound Engineer, Live Show Audio Programmer and Sound Designer
American musician, producer and composer
New York-based producer, writer and keyboard player
Swedish bass player, guitarist, songwriter, producer and composer