Anyone challenging state's writ will be dealt according to law, warns Khawaja Asif

Defence Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif on Friday said if Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) challenges the writ of state then action would be taken against them according to law.

“PTI had planned to attack national institutions on the pretext of protest gathering in the federal capital as previously it had attacked the Parliament and Pakistan Television buildings during last sit-in in 2014, Asif said while talking to a TV channel.

The defence minister said the PML-N government had showed patience during PTI and PAT sit-ins at D-Chowk in 2014.

He said that army has not been deployed in the federal capital this time around, as “police is our first line of defence”.

“Police will be deployed for safety of national institutions, citizens and students during the PTI’s protest on November 2, he added.

Commenting on Sheikh Rasheed’s entry earlier in the day, Asif said: “He came on motorcycle at Committee Chowk and addressed only few people and went back.”

The public court is the biggest court for people’s representatives and the masses will decide in 2018 general elections that which political party was better for them and the country, he maintained.

He was of the view that the national economy has further strengthened due to prudent policies of the incumbent government.

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