CNG prices to be decided by station owners in Sindh

The Ministry of Petroleum and Herbal Assets has deregulated the pricing of Compressed Herbal Fuel (CNG) in Sindh.

The Oil and Fuel Regulatory Authority (Ogra), which prior to now set CNG prices, will now not have that authority.

The verdict provides CNG station owners the facility to set prices and benefit ratios arbitrarily.

The Ministry of Petroleum will make the important amendments to the Ogra Ordinance to put in force its choice.

The ministry keeps regulate over the pricing of petrol and all issues pertaining to taxation.

Chairman of the Excellent Council of the All Pakistan CNG Affiliation, Gayas Paracha, stated, “The federal government’s choice will give the death sector a brand new rent on lifestyles. The Rs450 billion business has been stored from destruction.”

Following the verdict, CNG will be bought by the litre in Sindh, relatively than by the kilogramme.

The pricing of CNG had in the past been deregulated in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab.

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