Did not invite DPC, Shuhada Council to participate in Islamabad 'lockdown': Shah Mahmood

Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf leader Shah Mahmood Qureshi on Tuesday denied that the party had invited the Difa-i-Pakistan Council (DPC) to participate in the PTI’s planned siege of Islamabad on Nov 2.

“DPC has its own ideology, they are holding their programme on Oct 28. We can not stop them but we did not invite them. We did not invite DPC or Shuhada Counil.”

“We never invited any militant organisation ever. We are against extremism.”

We are inviting people, students, farmers, labourers and all those who are against tyranny and injustice, no matter with which party they belong to, he added.

We condemn the government for spreading propaganda against us, he said, adding, “PTI’s record is before you, we do not do politics of violence.”

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