Election day: Americans head to polls to decide between Clinton and Trump

After nearly two years of bitterness and rancor, America begins electing its 45th president Tuesday, making Hillary Clinton the nation’s first female commander in chief or choosing billionaire businessman Donald Trump, whose volatile campaign has upended United States (US) politics.

The winner will inherit an anxious nation, angry and distrustful of leaders in Washington. They’ll preside over an economy that is improving but still leaving many behind, and a military less extended abroad than eight years ago, but grappling with new terror threats.

Clinton enters Election Day with multiple paths to victory, while Trump must win most of the roughly dozen battleground states up in order to clinch 270 Electoral College votes.

Control of the Senate is also at stake, with Democrats needing to net four seats if Clinton wins the White House.

Like millions of Americans, Clinton and Trump planned to cast their votes Tuesday morning.

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