Indian army to release video 'evidence' of alleged surgical strikes, reports Indian media

To prove its claims of conducting a ‘surgical strike’ across the Line of Control, the Indian army on Wednesday gave a go-ahead to its government to release the video footage of the operation, reported The Economic Times.

This recommendation came in the wake of Pakistan’s persistent claim that the September 29 predawn strikes never happened. However, the final decision to release the video lies with the Indian premier Narendra Modi, the Indian media outlet reported.

However, Former Indian military chief General VP Malik, termed the Indian political class’ demand for the release of the video footage to be “utter nonsense”.

“Only the Army should take a call on whether to release the video or not and when,” he said.

Hitting out at those questioning the credibility of the strikes, he said “The video should not be released just because some stupid people have sought so.”

Another former Army chief General JJ Singh also joined Malik in criticising such voices and said when armed forces make a claim there should be no doubt.

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