Nine-member investigation team visits PK-661 crash site as probe begins

A nine-member investigation team on Tuesday visited the crash site of the ill-fated Pakistan Global Airways (PIA) flight PK-661 close to Havelian.

The team contains of 3 French officers and 3 Canadian officers belonging to France-based plane producer ATR and US-based engine producer Pratt & Whitney. 3 Pakistani officers also are a part of the team visiting crash site.

The Pakistani officers are individuals of the Protection Investigation Board (SIB) of the Aviation Department.

The team is recently interviewing eyewitnesses of the crash and rescue groups that arrived at the site in an instant after the incident.

The team will gather proof from the site with a view to examine the reason for the crash. The proof can be taken to Islamabad and France for exam.

PIA flight PK-661 wearing 48 passengers and group crashed on tips on how to Islamabad from Chitral ultimate week, killing all on board.

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