PTI's Islamabad lockdown threat to democratic system, says Khursheed Shah

Leader of the Opposition in National Assembly Syed Khursheed Shah on Wednesday said that he does not rule out the threat to the present democratic system as a result of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf’s November 2 Islamabad lock-down against the government over the Panama Papers issue.

“Yes, there can be a threat to the [present] democratic system”, said Khursheed Shah answering a question.

Shah shared details of talks with the government over the present situation arising after Panama Papers leaks and PTI’s planned lock-down of the federal capital, saying “ the government says it has no issue over three of four points”.

As far as fourth point, he continued, “We can sit and find out a solution. I asked government to tell us how far it can go [over the opposition’s bill] and we can discuss it [with opposition]”.

Khursheed Shah was talking to journalists after offering condolences to Syed Naveed Qamar in Hyderabad on the demise of his father, Syed Qamaruzzaman Shah who died in a Karachi hospital on Sunday.

Shah was of the opinion that greater responsibility lies on Imran Khan’s shoulder for protection of his party’s workers, Imran would be responsible if they come to harm.

“Political situation in the country is quite grim and I wish whatever is the outcome it should be peaceful”, said Shah.

Referring to a politician’s statement that movements demand ‘blood’, he said if movements demand blood then the ‘leader’ should come first and not the worker.

“PPP believes in the parliamentary system and it urges every problem should be solved in parliament,” added the PPP leader.

Referring to the appointment of a new army chief, Shah said the prime minister should not delay the announcement of the new army chief.

“The prime minister should have taken a decision and should have announced the name 15 days back”, he said.

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