PTI's march kicks off as convoys reach Raiwind amid protests by PML-N supporters

RAIWIND/PESHAWAR: As the convoys started to arrive in Raiwind on Friday to participate in Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf’s (PTI) rally, workers of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) took to the streets in Peshawar to protest against the proposed march.

“Instead of worrying about his political success, Imran Khan should worry about the defence of the country,” said a PML-N worker.

“If he had gone to Wagah border instead of marching to Raiwind, we would have also accompanied him,” he added.

The protesters said Nawaz Sharif has guided the country onto the route to success. They added that instead of putting hurdles in the way of success, Imran Khan should focus on the problems being faced by people in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province.

The N-League workers stressed “the country is in need of some serious politics”.

The opposition, however, is hopeful that the Raiwind march will prove beneficial as far as the matter of Panama leaks is concerned.

The PTI has appealed to its workers from all over the province to gather at the Adda Plot in Raiwind, which is around six kilometres away from the Sharif family’s residence. The party said it is hoping to draw great number of female supporters as well.

It was reported on Thursday, that over 7,000 policemen will be deployed for the security of Raiwind march.

Through this march, Imran aims to pressurise the government and demonstrate his political power.

The PTI hopes that following this protest, Nawaz Sharif will present himself for accountability in the Panama leaks scandal.

Nawaz Sharif was one of the 259 Pakistani citizens who’s names appeared on a list linking them to off-shore companies in one of the world’s biggest ever data leaks, earlier this year.

Imran Khan had previously claimed that the protest in Raiwind will be the biggest in history of Pakistan. However, the march has been eclipsed by increasing tensions between Pakistan and India.

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