Sindh Governor Ishratul Ibad removed from office

After 14 years in office, Ishratul Ibad has been replaced as governor Sindh, sources said Wednesday.

Although there has been no official confirmation, sources said Ibad has been replaced by a former chief justice of Pakistan, Justice Saeeduz Zaman Siddiqui. Siddiqui was also among the aspiring candidates for the post of president in 2003.

The decision to replace the governor was taken by the federal government. The governor’s office declined to comment on the matter.

Ishratul Ibad began his political career as a worker of the All Pakistan Mohajir Students Organisation when he was studying in Karachi’s Dow Medical College.

Ibad contested the general elections in 1990 on a provincial assembly constituency as a candidate of the Mohajir Qaumi Movement-backed Haq Parast group and became a minister in the Jam Sadiq Ali cabinet.

He went underground to avoid arrest after an army operation was launched against the MQM in June 1992 and surfaced a year later in London, where he obtained political asylum.

While he was very close to Altaf Hussain, he maintained a low profile in the MQM until 2002 when he became the acting convener of the MQM’s coordination committee after Altaf Hussain removed then convener Dr Imran Farooq from the post.

He was considered as “man of crises” among MQM cadres.

Ibad became Sindh’s youngest governor on Dec 27, 2002 as a representative of then president Gen Pervez Musharraf. He has served as Sindh governor for nearly 14 years.

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